Travel Tips for dogs in cars
By admin | May 24th, 2017 | Travelling with your dog

Take a Trial Run If it is your dog’s first time being in the car it is important to get them used to it. This can be performed by getting your dog into the car and leaving it stationary with the doors and boot open. You may want to start the engine so that they can get used to the noise and sensation. During this time give your dog praise, treat it and get it to relax in the car so that it associates the vehicle as a calm and enjoyable place to be. End on your dog getting used to the vehicle before you head off anywhere. With your dog starting to accept your car you can then take it on a short journey before heading off on a full road trip up country. Securing Your Dog Just like it is important for humans to be secure when they travel it is also important that you secure you...

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