Why Accept Pets in Homes to rent

England is a nation of animal lovers. Just over half of the households in the UK own a pet; you never have to look very far to see a dog out for a walk with its master, or a cat lying about in the sun. Yet each year many owners are forced to give up their much loved pet due to going into rental accommodation within the UK.

What is Pet Friendly Rentals?

Pet Friendly Rentals - homes to rent - is a resource that gives advice and information to pet owners whom are looking for a home to rent within the UK.

Fact! More than 1 in 2 households in the UK own a pet!

By not accepting pets, you will be decreasing your potential market by 50%

Fact! 25% of UK households own a dog! (Of these 79% have only one dog)

This means that most potential tenants will only have one dog.

Fact! In 2013 there were over 13 million pet owning households in the UK

Many of these will be looking for pet friendly holidays and would hate to leave their dog behind.
(Facts Sourced from PFMA 2013)

Why should a landlord accept pets?

Homes To Rent Long Term

Increase your rental revenue. People with pets have less choice of property and will therefore expect to pay a bit more for the privilege of being able to keep their beloved pet. Many pets end up in re-homing centres each year because owners cannot find a home to rent with their pet.

The buy to let market has boomed during 2013 which has made it a more competitive market. If you allow pets into your rental property you are broadening your market which will mean your property will be let quicker than some other properties.

Lets that allow pets will increase the average length a tenant will stay. Tenants with a pet tend to stay longer because pet owners have less choice of houses than non-pet owners.

From the many pet owners we have spoken too, the majority are less fussy about the finish of the property or the location (e.g. Near a noisy railway line or factory). Of course we all wish to live in a property of a high finish and why shouldn't we. but for the majority of pet owners they are happy to make a small sacrifice to be able to keep their pet. If the home does not 100% fit there criteria than they are happy to make a small sacrifice. Giving up a pet is not an option.

Remember, most dogs cause less damage than children or teenagers. They don’t draw on the walls, they don’t throw parties while their parents are away and they won’t paint their bedroom black because they are going through a ‘Goth phase’!


Holiday Rentals

Many dog owners like to go on holidays in the UK, especially in areas such as Devon and Cornwall. Self catering cottages, caravans and caravan parks, campsites, bed and breakfast and Hotels are very popular. So if you have a holiday rental where pets are welcome, don’t delay, advertise today.